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La Estampa Cigars

Arturo O. Fuente, Jr., and his daughter, Kristin, officially started LA ESTAMPA Cigar Company in 2008 in Ybor City, Florida. LA ESTAMPA Cigar Company is a wholesale-based company and is the sole distributor of the Flor de Ybor City cigar brand which is exclusively manufactured by Tabacalera A. Fuente y Compañia in the Dominican Republic. The Flor de Ybor City brand was first introduced back in the 1970’s by the Arturo Fuente Cigar Factory located and manufactured in Ybor City as well -- the once “Cigar Capital of the World.” This brand originally consisted of four sizes and was sold in cigar boxes. Today, these cigars come in a variety of sizes and wrappers while packaged in cigar bundles and still incorporates the original cigar box’s beautiful label design. The City of Tampa with its rich historical cigar communities of Ybor City and West Tampa played an important role in the cigar industry’s past. LA ESTAMPA Cigar Company recognizes and appreciates that passion and history. Its mission is to promote and preserve the rich tradition and cigar heritage while keeping the history of this landmark cigar town alive for its customers and the surrounding community.
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