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Perla del Mar

Perla Del Mar by J.C. Newman cigar family is a line of exquisite box pressed Nicaraguan cigars featuring a silky Ecuador Connecticut wrapper. They are handmade in Nicaragua at Fabrica de Tabacos San Rafael S.A., offering a diverse blend of 100% Nicaraguan long filler tobaccos from four different regions. This unique combination allows the flavors of the Nicaraguan filler and binder to fully emerge making for a smooth, creamy and satisfying smoke. Perla Del Mar was first conceived in the late 19th century to honor Cuba’s highly acclaimed cigar heritage. With its rich, fertile soil creating the most flavorful cigar tobacco in the world, Cuba was regarded then as the true “Pearl of the Sea” thus the Perla del Mar cigars were born in tribute to that tradition. In keeping with the cigar band's harbor design, the names of Perla del Mar's four sizes were inspired by the grading system of oysters. Oysters also come in four sizes — Petit, Moyen, Grand, Trés Grand — which led the Newmans to name their cigars Perla P, Perla M, Perla G, and Perla TG
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