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Tampa Sweethearts Cigar Company is now in the 3rd generation of Fuente family members who play a vital role to this cigar company. From generation to generation the understanding of history, knowledge of products, and the respect toward the cigar industry has been passed down from one family member to another. This aspect is what makes Tampa Sweethearts so unique. These cigars are not only products that they sell, but more importantly, these cigars are part of their blood, their heritage, and their roots. They grew up in this industry completely immersed in this business. They make every customer feel like part of their family and they show their loyalty to all the products that their family manufacturers. They live and breathe the cigar industry and they are always excited to share their expertise of their family’s products and their knowledge of the cigar industry to every customer that they meet making them feel that they walked away with a piece of history.
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